Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Appropriate Reading Level for Today Was Not the Same?

Although this book is appropriate for children ages 7-years-old and older because of the content and reading level, the author suggests that adults and parental figures read this book with their children so they can together engage in dialogue.  As for children under the age of 7, introducing a child to the beautiful illustrations of a Black family with diverse physical features, reinforces self-worth, pride and confidence, and normalizes these images for children from different racial backgrounds who may lack exposure.

2. If I purchase a copy of Today Was Not the Same on Amazon, does my purchase still support the author?

When purchasing Today Was Not the Same on Amazon, the company handles the shipping, fulfillment and customer service inquiries, so you must contact them.  Additionally, Amazon’s shipping, returns and exchange policies apply to the purchase.  However, your purchase fully supports the author and helps to expand Today Was Not the Same‘s reach in the global market.  Amazon also promotes, supports and offers guidance to Black sellers through its Black Business Accelerator Program.  So, we are extremely grateful for your purchase of Today Was Not the Same on Amazon!

3. If I purchase a copy of Today Was Not the Same on Amazon, will my book be autographed and personalized?

Unfortunately, the copy of Today Was Not the Same that you receive purchase on Amazon will not be personalized or signed by the author.  But, Jatrean Sanders would love to sign your book in-person at her next meet & greet! Click “Join Me” and find information about her next in-person or virtual appearance. 

4. How can I purchase an autographed and personalized copy of Today Was Not the Same?

You can purchase an autographed and personalized copy of Today Was Not the Same when you attend an in-person meet & greet, or when your organization/school schedules an in-person book reading! Click “Join Me” for information about the author’s next in-person appearance, or email to schedule a book reading for your organization/school!

4. What is the difference between Jatrean Sanders Enterprises, Inc. and Jatrean Sanders, Esq.?

Jatrean Sanders Enterprises, Inc. is company that published Today Was Not the Same, which was written by the company’s President & CEO, Jatrean M. Sanders, Esq.  After practicing law for 13 years in Atlanta, GA, Jatrean Sanders ventured out to pursue a childhood dream of becoming an author. 


Jatrean Sanders Enterprises, Inc. is a Black- owned and women-owned small business that was incorporated in the State of Georgia.  As of now, Today Was Not the Same is the only book published by Jatrean Sanders Enterprises, Inc.; however, Jatrean Sanders aspires to publish more books and sale more products in the future. So stay tuned!     

3. What should I expect from an in-person book reading with Jatrean Sanders?

- What topics/subjects are discussed during an in-person or virtual book reading of Today Was Not the Same?

- For virtual events, does Jatrean Sanders ever partner with other professionals to offer insight to a virtual audience?
Yes - experts who are professionally trained to discuss mental health; diversity, inclusion and equity; criminal justice; and literacy