As a school leader, I am excited that our children will have books like “Today was Not the Same”. This is a book that they can relate to and will help them process their feelings.

Alaina Chipman Leeks, Founder & Executive Director-Atlanta Unbound Academy

Today was Not the Same” is a powerful book that helps our children navigate these racially charged times. As a parent, it is sometimes difficult to find the right words to comfort our children, and this book is a wonderful way to ease into the conversation.

Adrienne Carter, Mother of 11-year-old daughter

This book is absolutely beautiful. It is a wonderful way to have difficult conversations about social justice with young children of all races and backgrounds. I could not recommend this more!

Belinda Daughrity, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

This is an exceptional book that every family of all races should read with their children about police brutality and the continued fight of African Americans for equality in America. This book helps to broach these difficult subjects in a way a young child can understand – as these issues cannot be ignored.

Dorie Saxon, MD, FAAP

Today was Not the Same” is a unique and magnificent way to shed light on a very difficult, but much-needed discussion on social change! This book can be used to help parents, teachers and others approach the issues that have relevance yesterday, today but hopefully not tomorrow.

Dr. Barbara J. Lattimore, LPC, MAC

Today was Not the Same” is a beautifully written book that will help many parents find the words to have those hard conversations with their children about race relations in America. It can serve as an ice breaker or keep the conversation going after your child has been exposed to racially charged events. This is a great tool for processing current and historical events.

Brittany Autry, PharmD, Pediatric Pharmacist

The title of the book is spot on, “Today was Not the Same”. To process confusion, sadness, exhaustion, and even anger all at once is a very foreign and difficult task, and I can imagine it is even more challenging as a child. When the time comes, I will reserve this book to read for my son in order to educate him on this topic. I am grateful to the author for making this difficult conversation a little easier to approach by intertwining it with something I know he loves . . . Storytime in the safety of his mom and dad’s arms.

Megan Childs, MSN, CNL

As adults during this chaotic time, we may be conflicted on how we process our own thoughts and feelings; it’s hard to fathom what civil unrest means through the eyes of a child. This personal account from a child in your life makes this story even more special.

Megan Childs, MSN, CNL

Great book for kids and parents to read together! I loved the rhyming format which helped lighten such a serious topic. Great illustrations that help bring the book to life and are very timely.

Carol, mother

This well-written and illustrated book helps children learn to navigate the very complicated issue of race in this country. It is beautifully presented in a way that is honest, yet not frightening. It is an excellent tool to assist parents in this discussion.

Kathleen A. Carter, grandmother of 3